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Serenity Wilson

Highclere Castle Dry Gin (750ml )

Highclere Castle Dry Gin (750ml )

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Highclere Castle, best known to many as the real life location used for "Downton Abbey", now has a gin to its name as well. Distilled at the Langley Distillery on a 19th century copper pot still, this Gin's botanical blend is inspired by the castles own gardens. Most of the botanicals will be familiar, from Juniper, of course, to orange peel, lavender, and cardamom. Less expected are oats, which the Highclere Estate has grown since the 13th century, and Lime Flower, the pungent blossom of the linden tree. Prior to distillation, the botanicals are added to the charged still containing wheat spirit. These are gently steeped in the warm spirit overnight, allowing the essential oils to be released. The following morning the temperature is increased to boil the spirit and start the distillation process. Once complete, the spirit is cut back with water to 43.5% ABV.

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